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Why Choose a Bendigo Funeral Bond?

The protection of a capital guarantee  – Your original and subsequent net investments – plus declared bonuses – are guaranteed upon your death.

Full details are contained in the Disclosure Documents, which can be downloaded from this site or pickup at any Bendigo Bank branch.

Alternatively, call us on 03 5485 7891 or email us via our online contact form and we will be pleased to post you a copy.


Financial planning advantages

There may be financial planning advantages associated with investing in a Funeral Bond, including important taxation and pension considerations. Investments of up to $13,250 (current threshold for the 2019-20 financial year) in a funeral bond such as the Australian Funeral Bond or the Bendigo Funeral Bond, are exempt from Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs income and assets tests. We recommend that you consult your financial planner prior to investing in the Bendigo Funeral Bond.

Travel Protection Plan

The Travel Protection Plan is an optional benefit to both the Australian Funeral Bond and the Bendigo Funeral Bond, that covers the transportation costs in the event of your death in Australia 70 kms or further from your residential address. For a once-only payment of $150, you will be covered for the cost of transportation of your remains from the place of death to the funeral home of your chosen funeral director, up to a maximum of $3,000. The funeral director must operate within 70 kms of your residential address. You must be a permanent Australian resident aged 18 to 84 years to be eligible for the Plan. Issued by AIA Australia Limited (“AIA Australia”) ABN 79004 837 861 AFSL 230043


Flexible ownership and contribution options

You can choose between individual or joint ownership of an Australian Funeral Bond or Bendigo Funeral Bond. Ownership of your Bond may be assigned to a funeral director of your choice as a part of a pre-paid funeral. It is important to note that assignment of your Bond transfers complete ownership of the Bond to the funeral director.

You can start an Australian Funeral Bond or Bendigo Funeral Bond with an initial contribution of just $25* and make additional contributions of at least $25* whenever you wish. Alternatively, you can choose to invest via the regular savings plan from just $25 per fortnight or month until you have reached your desired investment amount.

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